8 Weird New Workouts

Tricep Dips: Start out by sitting on the floor with your knees bent and place your hands behind you. Keep your thumbs facing your bottom and your fingertips very slightly turned out. Then, lift your hips off the floor, ensuring that your shoulders remain directly over your wrists. Bend and straighten your elbows 15 times. Repeat 3 times.
Source: http://shine.yahoo.com/healthy-living/quick-workouts-busy-mom-143700069.html

Darn. Catchy! Much to my embarrassment, the incessant humming progressed, and, as if my iPhone had been briefly operated by someone else’s hands, “We Can’t Stop” somehow ended up on my running playlist. During my third morning run to this newly-improved (questionable) playlist, I came to the realization that as much as I was trying not to love this song, it was resonating with me — and not for a bad reason: I’m drawn to empowering and motivating lyrics when I run , and when I’m running, I actually can’t and won’t stop. That Miley, she was onto something! I dug around the rest of my music library and realized this “can’t stop, won’t stop” mentality is actually pretty regular for me.
Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/sarah-klein/huffpost-workouts-cant-stop_b_3733385.html

Vote in This Week’s Poll: How will your workouts change when school starts?

The volunteers in the third group were offered a control drink that contained absolutely no L-citrulline. About an hour after they had enjoyed their beverages, the volunteers were made to exercise. Later on, the researchers evaluated how much muscle soreness each of them was experiencing. It was discovered that the people belonging to the first two groups all felt less discomfort than the volunteers who had consumed the control drink. The watermelon juice enriched with L-citrulline reportedly proved more effective than the natural one in terms of relieving muscle soreness. However, the volunteers’ bodies responded better to the natural juice, meaning that they processed it significantly easier. The researchers theorize that L-citrulline helps cut an athlete’s recovery time by speeding up the process of lactic acid removal.
Source: http://news.softpedia.com/news/Watermelon-Juice-Can-Relieve-Muscle-Soreness-Caused-by-Intense-Workouts-375947.shtml

Julianne Hough checks messages on her phone after grabbing lunch on Melrose on Friday (August 16) in Los Angeles. Earlier in the day, the 25-year-old actress showed off her fit figure in an all black ensemble while heading to a dance studio. PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Julianne Hough On the same day, Julianne chatted on the phone while exiting a local gym. The day before, Julianne stayed hydrated with a big bottle of water after a gym workout in West Hollywood. Earlier in the week, Julianne was all dressed up in orange while attending the 2013 InStyle Summer Soiree. 20+ pictures inside of Julianne Hough playing with her phone after a lunch outing Like Just Jared on Facebook
Source: http://www.justjared.com/2013/08/18/julianne-hough-multiple-body-sculpting-workouts-with-lunch/

Switching up workouts is the key for fitness Fall Semester

Related Stories Even with the addition of two future Hall of Famers, the Nets are still Deron Williams team. The captain is doing his best to lead in the summer, as well. Williams organized players-only workouts this week in Southern California, with Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce in attendance. Williams told the Daily News that 10 of Brooklyns 15 players will participate in the workouts that started Sunday and runs until Friday. RELATED: ISOLA: BEST IN NY? THERE’S NO TROPHY FOR THAT The entire starting lineup, including Brook Lopez, is expected in SoCal. Lopez only recently shed his walking boot after offseason surgery to replace a screw in his right foot.
Source: http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/basketball/nets/d-will-nets-huddle-california-article-1.1430298

Watermelon Juice Can Relieve Muscle Soreness Caused by Intense Workouts

Spring is one of our more active times and then comes the heart of summer, which is when we may slack off a bit as the lazy heat sets in. Then there’s the other most terrifying time of the year: Back to school . This is the time when everything changes – Your schedule, your child’s personality, your patience, perhaps even your emotional stability. It can be a relief when things get back to a schedule and the kids are out of the house, but this time of year often requires a tremendous amount of energy to deal with all the changes. The question of the day is: How will your workouts change when schools starts? Is this when you find you can get down to business and go back to your routine?
Source: http://exercise.about.com/b/2013/08/19/vote-in-this-weeks-poll-how-will-your-workouts-change-when-school-starts.htm

Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce attend Deron Williams’ players-only workouts in California

In history, we would throw rocks as far as possible or hold a big stick and try to hit another guy off of a horse. Now it’s glow-stick Zumba on surfboards with dogs. OK, not quite — but we do continue to find new, fun, creative ways to move our bodies. At the IDEA World Fitness Convention this past weekend, we saw and tried the most inventive, coolest workouts around. Here are eight of our favorites.
Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/08/14/weird-new-workouts_n_3757359.html

Julianne Hough: Multiple Body Sculpting Workouts with Lunch!

If you said yes, then Tabata max workouts pdf man is for you. Tabata is a high intensity interval training style that requires 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest for eight sets. The beauty of Tabata is that it can be done with any exercise at any time (even during TV commercial breaks!). Just choose an exercise like burpees, mountain climbers, jumping jacks or high knees and feel your heart rate sky rocket. You can use a standard stopwatch, or you can download a Tabata timer app for free. Interval training not only increases your metabolism by keeping you burning for hours after your workout, but also helps improve your overall endurance over time.
Source: http://www.thelantern.com/opinion/switching-up-workouts-is-the-key-for-fitness-fall-semester-1.3050708


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