Fitness chat with N.E. Revolution’s strength and conditioning coach Nick Downing

Best of all, the Jawbone Up devices and personal trainer were all paid for by an insurance credit that the program generated. The level of employee loyalty and employee satisfaction has been a huge benefit,Barbinsaid. Its a pretty unique perk. It generates a level of collaboration across employees, giving them a common goal thats not a customer-related goal,but a fitness goal. Its also boosted productivity. Since Jawbone Up tracks sleep patterns as well, Appirio employees have taken it upon themselves to make sure that their coworkers are coming to work rested and at their best. The ability to me to be just conscious and aware, and frankly have other people on the teamincluding our corporate trainergive me grief like, Barbin, you only had two hours of deep sleep last night, get some more sleep, leads to [more sleep] and more productivity during the day, where you dont have the lulls youd normally have,he said.

“The App makes it simple for fitness enthusiasts to find their closest GoodLife club, learn about the latest fitness information posted on our blog, and track workouts and daily activity.” The GoodLife Fitness App , now available on the App Store , will allow members to get the most out of their GoodLife Fitness membership. GoodLife Fitness also plans to make an Android compatible app that will be available early in 2014. Features of the free GoodLife Fitness App Club Information Users can find the closest club using the phone’s GPS Find location information, hours of operation, and review the full list of available club amenities See Group Exercise class schedules Favourites Create a profile and choose a home club Add more clubs and fitness classes to a list of favourites for quick access Class Schedules Add Group Exercise classes to your calendar and schedule reminders Activity Tracking Keep track of activities and schedule workouts Health & Fitness Content Check out helpful videos and health and fitness content pulled right from the GoodLife Blog Non-Members Get access to a free 3 Visit Pass to any of our 300+ locations “At launch, the GoodLife Fitness App includes a number of features that are highly-compatible with other aspects of your iPhone to make it very user-friendly,” says Justin Cipparone, GoodLife’s Digital Marketing Manager. “With an Android version launching in 2014 and a number of key additions, we’re very excited to continue growing the capabilities of our app to include many more features.” The app is available now at Requirements:Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later.

Of not drinking heavily and of not smoking at all. Then Craig mentioned something that many people consider more a nuisance than a necessity: sleep. Getting enough of it is tough in their field of work, they acknowledged. Their show begins at 5:30 a.m., which means they have to wake up at well, I really dont know. Early though. Very early.

Fitness Tip of the Day: Sleep more

Personal training? Check. Group classes? Check. Tanning? Check. Also on tap: On-demand digital “instructors” for group classes (via giant video screens) when a live instructor isn’t available.

At 75, Seven Hills fitness instructor keeps students on toes

The TomTom Runner is a slick, no-hassle sports watch designed to help runners monitor their workouts and progress. If you run outside, the TomTom watch will track your route; for indoors workouts there’s a treadmill setting that gauges your distance through movement. It’s easily adjusted while running using a single four-way button, tracking your pace, distance, and time. The only problem I encountered was that the waterproof watch is so comfortable and light that I would forget I had it on and neglect to end the timing session after a run (my minutes per mile times were much better than posted, honest). After a workout, the watch face pops out of the band and into a supplied USB cradle connected to a computer where you can check miles covered, calories burned, and even create an outdoor running route. Like most watch-style trainers, if you want to monitor your heart rate, a separate chest strap is required.

“We are Cheerswithout the beers.” Cheers, of course, the place where everybody knows your name. But this spot doesn’t have any Sam-and-Diane-relationship-tensions, and Norm or Cliff won’t be dropping by anytime soon. It’s that vibe that has helped make Anytime Fitness the fastest growing fitness club in the world, according to a report released this year by The International Health Racquet and Sportsclub Association, a title the company has held for the last six years. In 11 years, the Minneapolis-based chain has expanded to more than 2,200 clubs worldwide, in all 50 U.S. states and 14 countries. By comparison, it took Subway 23 years to reach 2,000 restaurants and McDonald’s ( MCD ) 32 years to reach 2,000 restaurants. MORE: How Walgreen plans to reinvent the drug store Anytime lacks some of the traditional trappings of a gym, but it does have plenty of classes.

Meet the world’s fastest-growing fitness chain

The women in White’s body sculpting class at the rec range from their 30’s to 50’s. During the class each student uses chairs, pilates bands and weights combined with low-energy movements to tone their muscles. “You’ll find most of the 20-somethings lining up for Zumba ,” White said. “This is more our speed.” As the class goes on, White demonstrates limber stretching and strength training as the members of the class follow her lead. “I wish I could have half the energy she has,” said class member Sharon Ezzo.


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